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Aphrodite is a design and content studio that emphasises visual and content with the purpose of solidifying brand messaging and creating and promoting certain brand image.


Visual and content is essential for a brand because people’s first impression on the brand appearance determines what they perceive about the brand. In other words, people tend to generate brand perception by associating the brand appearance with the products or services, before getting to know the brand. Hence, it is vitally important that a brand can demonstrate their brand ‘DNA’ visibly on visual and content in any social channels when communicating with target audiences at first time. A great design should go beyond beautiful visual and stylish content and into audience minds, where design deliver a brand message and ultimately represent a brand positioning.

Therefore, our client base is mostly start-up companies which are hungry for introducing their new products or services and spreading out their values and beliefs, and seek for ensuring accurate brand messaging and building favourable brand recognition.

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