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Bookmark Design

Bookmark Design | Desk-one 溫室 | 2018

PURPOSE |   To be redemption gift for reward program

SIZE |   70mm(W) x 34mm(H)

DESIGN IDEA |   A leaf-shape was designed for this bookmark because leaf is a symbol that represents each Desk-one's customers who grow up from the learning place of Desk-one. Also, a sentence "REACH (OUT FROM) HERE" is hidden in the design. The bookmark would show "REACH HERE" when people insert the bookmark on a page, so the bookmark design would literally express the meaning of "REACH HERE" when people really "reach" a page. Moreover, the bookmark would literally show "REACH OUT FROM HERE" when people take it off and step forward to next page. In summary, the key message of this bookmark is that you should step forward to next page and never stay at a point for too long after arrived.

Folder Design



Folder Design | Desk-one 溫室 | 2018



Notebook Design (Co-design) | Desk-one 溫室 | 2018

PURPOSE |   To be redemption gift for reward program

SIZE |   B6  125mm(W) x 176mm(H)

DESIGN IDEA |   This notebook idea is about seeking the original self. Short lines of words are stated to ask users to take a break sometimes during a busy work period, since it is easy to get lost and forget the reason of working on something 

Notebook Design


Package Design | Personal Project | Aphrodite 相片說故事 | 2016 - Present

DESIGN IDEA |  The package of camera strap was designed to look like a captal letter "A" and the brand logo of Aphrodite because I would like to make the product presentation as a signature of the product brand Aphrodite to differentiate the product from competitors and let customer remember the brand through the product package.


Postcard Design | Personal Project | Aphrodite 相片說故事 | 2018 - Present


DESIGN IDEA |   Postcard is generally written by travellers who visited some places and then sent to their dear one to express their feelings on that places. Similarly, I write what I see (feel) from the photo world I visited.


Dried Flower Wooden Photo Frame (Prototyping) | Personal Project | Aphrodite 相片說故事 | 2017

DESIGN IDEA |   The wooden frame was designed to frame a photo with dried pressed flower because both photo and dried flower share the meaning of permanent preservation.

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