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Desk-one 溫室

Leaflet Design | Desk-one 溫室 | 2018

AUDIENCE |   University students

PURPOSE |   To gain brand awareness and encourage first-time trial

PLACEMENT |   Event organized by different student societies in universities

SIZE |   80mm (W) x 150mm (H)

DESIGN IDEA |   Front page is the most important part because it is supposed to catch audiences' eyeballs from their first impression. Therefore, I selected and enlarged an eye-catching tagline at the top to indirectly lead audiences to feel the need to come. Then a beautiful space picture was used to lure audiences' curiosity. Also the space nature and features were shown respectively at this moment to let audiences understand who we are and what we offer. The last part of the front page was a call-to-action discount offer to encourage audience to take purchase action. Lastly, the back page placed some supplementary information for those interested audiences.

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